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Colombo at London / Colombo la Londra



(Peter Falk, Richard Basehart ), size 46x67 cm;

Euro 55

Happy New Year (1987) / Lovitura de Craciun


(Peter Falk, Wendy Hughes, Charles Durning, Claude Lelouch , Tom Courtenay) size 46x67cm;

Euro 55

The In-Laws / Cuscrii


(Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, dir. Arthur Hiller), size 46x67 cm;

Euro 55

Colombo at London (II)


(Peter Falk, Richard Basehart, Honor Blackman, John Williams, dir. Richard Quine ), size 36x47 cm;

Euro 35

Murder By Death, / Cinci detectivi la miezul noptii



(Peter Falk, David Niven, Peter Sellers, dir. Robert Moore) size 46x67cm;

Euro 55

Ransom for a Dead Man/ Locotenent Colombo


(Peter Falk, dir. Richard Irving), size 46x67 cm

Euro 55


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