MON CINE nr. 413 - 1930
First cover: COLLEN MOORE. 
Articles and/or photos about Anita Page, Bessie Love, Charles King, Conrad Veidt, Gino Corrado, Jenny Jugo, John Gilbert, Margueritte de la Motte, Mary Nolan, Phil Baker, Raquel Torres, Ruth Taylor, Sue Carol,  Barbara Kent,  Blanche Le Clair,  Charlie Chaplin,  Conchita Piquer,  Dolores del Rio,  Enrique de Rivero,  Esther Ralston,  Fay Webb,  Greta Garbo,  Gwen Lee,  Lil Dagover,  Lois Wilson,  Lya de Putti,  Mona Goya,  Nancy Carroll,  Ruth Holly, Lita Grey .

MON CINE nr. 414 - 1930
First cover: JEAN DAX
Articles and /or photos about Alice Day, Bessie Love, Betty Amann, Colette Darfeuil, Emil Jannings, George Lewis, Gerda Maurus, Gloria Swanson, Ina von Elben, Ita Rina, Lily Damita, Lotte Lorring, Madge Bellamy, Marguerite Allan, Max Lerel, Mona Goya, Nancy Carroll, Olaf Fjord, Pola Negri, Raymond Milland, Renee Adoree .

MON CINE nr. 415 - 1930
First cover: GRETA GARBO
Articles and /or photos about  Alice White, Betty Amann, Betty Balfour, Conrad Nagel, Estelle Brody, Gaston Jacquet, Grace Chiang, Lily Damita, Lois Wilson, Lon Chaney, Lotte Lorring, Lya de Putti, Mabel Poulton, Madeleine Carroll, Mona Goya, Norma Talmadge, Renee Adoree, Tod Browning, Willy Fritsch, Maurice de Canonge.

MON CINE nr. 416 - 1930
First cover: RUTH TAYLOR
Articles and /or photos about Brigitte Helm, Bubby Burns, Clive Brook, Dita Parlo, Douglas Fairbanks, Evelyn Brent, Gerda Maurus, Lotte Lorring, Mary Astor, Rene Lefebvre, Sharon Lynn,  June Collyer,  Margaret Livingston,  Nigel de Brulier,  Pola Negri,  Tom Mix, Ivan Mosjoukine.  

MON CINE nr. 417 - 1930
First cover: ANITA PAGE
Articles and/or photos about Al Jolson, Anita Page, Billie Dove, Brigitte Helm, Clara Bow, Constance Talmadge, Eleanor Boardman, Georges Bancroft, Greta Garbo, Holmes Herbert, Ivan Mosjoukine, King Vidor, Leo Marten, Lien Deyers, Mary Pickford, Maurice Chevalier, Maurice Chevalier, Neil Hamilton, Noah Beery, Norma Talmadge, Thelma Todd, Tito Schipa, Evelyn Brent .

MON CINE nr. 418 - 1930
First cover: MYRNA LOY
Articles and/or photos about Edna Purviance, Emil Jannings, Henny Porten, J.E. Williamson, Jenny Jugo, Leon Bary, Lil Dagover, Lola Lane, Marion Davies, Myrna Loy, Nils Asther, Olga Baclanova, Paul Page, Vilma Banky, Walter Byron.

MON CINE nr. 419 - 1930
First cover: ALFRED ABEL
Articles and/or photos about  Alan Birmingham, Anny Ondra, Betty Compson, Blanche Le Clair, Douglas Fairbanks, Fritz Lang, Gaby Morlay,  Gaston Jacquet, George O'Brien, Joan Arthur, Karl Dane, King Vidor, Klaus Pohl, Lil Dagover, Lily Fevrier, Lois Moran, Lucien Mayrargues, Marceline Day, Polly Ann Young, Raquel Torres, Ruth Holly, Renee Adoree.

MON CINE nr. 420 - 1930
Articles and/or photos about  Adolphe Menjou, Alma Bennett,  Anita Page, Dita Parlo, Douglas Fairbanks, Emmy Lynn, Esther Ralston, Fay Wray, Gary Cooper, Georg Alexander, Gina Manes, Glenn Tryon, Gustav Froelich, Joan Crawford, Karl Dane, Lya Mara, Marcell L'Herbier, Marcella Albani, Mary Nolan, Nathalie Bucknell, Nicolas Koline, Olga Tchekowa, Ruby de Remer, Suzanne Delmas, Vera Voronina, William Collier,Wilhem Dieterle.

MON CINE nr. 421 - 1930
First cover: ANNA MAY WONG
Articles and /or photos about  Anita Page, Anna May Wong, Alma Rubens, Barbara Kent, Bessie Love, Buster Keaton, Carlotta King, Clara Bow, Colleen Moore, Dolores Del Rio, Dorothy Mackaill, Douglas Fairbanks, Eleanor Boardman, Enrico Benfer, Gerda Maurus, Gino Corrado, Glenn Tryon, Gustav von Wangenheim, James Murray, Jameson Thomas, Jenny Jugo, Joan Crawford, John Boles, Jose Mojica, Leon Bary, Lew Cody, Liane Haid, Lilian Harvey, Lothar Mendes, Marceline Day, Milton Sills, Rene Clair, Ricardo Cortez, William Collier, Willy Fritsch.

MON CINE nr. 422 - 1930
First cover: LILIAN HARVEY
Articles and /or photos about  Aida Lupo, Anita Page, Antero Faro, Bernard Gorcey, Bessie Love, Blanche Sweet, Charlie Chaplin, Clo-Clo, Dolores Del Rio, Douglas Fairbanks, Ernst Lubitsch, Evelyn Brent, Glenn Tryon, Ida Kramer, Jean Hersholt, Joan Crawford, Josephine Dunn, Laura La Plante, Lilian Harvey,  Lya de Putti,  Mabel Hariot, Mary Pickford, Marion Davies, Mae Murray, Nancy Carroll, Nils Asther, Polly Moran, Rafael Alves. 

CINEMA nr.386-1938-Romanian
First cover
Back cover: Joan Blondell & Dick Powell
Articles and /or photos about:Quinn Maria, Heinz Ruhmann, Leny Marenbach, Albert Matterstock, Bette Davis, Lloyd Bacon, Marie Wilson, George Brent, Olivia de Havilland, Claude Rains, Kay Francis, Hugh herbert, Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Dick Powell, Ann Sheridan, Carole Lombard, Fernand Gravey, Dick Foran

CINEMA nr.408-1938-Romanian

First cover
Articles and /or photos about:Olivia de Havilland, Norma Shearer, Joan Crawfor, Nancy Carroll, Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, Wallace Berry, Fatty, Mabel Normand, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Ginger Rogers, James Stewart, Joan Bennett, Fernandel, Robert Young, Michele Morgan, Raimu, Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche,  Ronald Colman, Harry Piel, Carole Lombard, Gale Page, Priscilla Lane


First cover: SARA MONTIEL
Articles and /or photos about: Sam Peckinpah, Don Siegel, Luigi Zampa, Louis Bunuel, Lone Flemin, Judy Geeson, Carole Lombard, Sara Montiel, Marcel Marceau, Liz Taylor, Karen Skaresso, Mae West, Betty Grable, Maria Luisa San Jose, Kirk Douglas.

PARIS MATCH No.901 - 1966

First cover: BRIGITTE BARDOT with a leopard
Articles and /or photos about: Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Halliday, Antoine, Julie Christie, Petula Clark, Poulidor.

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