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 (LAST UPDATE 27.08.2017)


#1-Euro 8
German postcard.
Terra-Film A.G.Berlin.
Nr.839/1. Near-mint.

#2-Euro 8
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.3100/3. Mint.

#3-Euro 10
"Europa" postcard.
Nr.160. Mint.

#4-Euro 8
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1501/3. Mint.

#5-Euro 8
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.3100/1. Mint.

#6-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.726/1. Mint.

#7-Euro 8 SOLD
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1763/1. Mint.

#8-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1164/. Mint.

#9-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.

#10-Euro 15 
"Ross" postcard.

#11-Euro 10
"Europe" postcard.
Nr.497/. Postal used.

#12-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1501/3. Mint.

#13-Euro 15
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.586/1. Mint.

#14-Euro 10
French postcard.

#15-Euro 15
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1859/2. Postal used.

#16-Euro 15
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.1166/1. Used.

#17-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.4640/2. Near Mint

#18-Euro 8
  French postcard.
Near Mint.

#19-Euro 10
"Ross" postcard.
Nr.3100/2. Near Mint..

#20-Euro 15
"IRIS" postcard.
Nr.905. Circulated.

#21-Euro 10
"Europe" postcard.
Nr.689/5 used.

#22-Euro 7
"Coral Lee" postcard.
Nr.144. Mint

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