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Euro 45
Brain, The / Le Cerveau/ Creerul

(Bourvil, Jean Paul Belmondo, dir. Gerard Oury) size 36x47 cm

Euro 30
Flic ou voyou / Politist sau delicvent

(Jean Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforet, dir. Georges Lautner), 46x67 cm

Euro 50
Les Maries de l’an II / Mirii anului II

(Jean Paul Belmondo ), 46x67 cm

Euro 65

(Claudia Cardinale, Odile Versois, Jean Paul Belmondo, dir. Philippe De Brocca), size 46x67 cm

Euro 45
Les Maries de l’an II

(Jean Paul Belmondo, Marlene Jobert, dir. Jean Paul Rappeneau ), 36x47 cm

Euro 50
Le Guignolo/ Mascariciul

(Jean Paul Belmondo, dir. Georges Lautner), 46x67 cm

Euro 135
Le Doulos / Denuntatorul

(Jean P. Belmondo, dir. J.P.Melville), 46x67 cm;

Euro 75
Week-end a Zuydcoote / Week-end la Zuydcoote

(Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catherine Spaak, Marie Dubois, Pierre Mondy, dir. Henri Verneuil) size 46x67 cm

Euro 75
L’Homme de Rio/ Omul din Rio

(Jean Paul Belmondo, Francoise Dorleac, dir. Philippe de Broca), 46x67 cm

Euro 175
Le Professionnel (1981) / The Professional (Russian poster)

(Jean P.Belmondo, Robert Hossein, dir. George Lautner), size 80x55cm

Euro 45

(Raquel Welch, J.P.Belmondo, dir. Claude Zidi ), 46x67 cm;



#1 - Euro 9 

#2 - Euro 9

#3 - Euro 9

#4 - Euro 9

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#7 - Euro 9

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#10 - Euro 9

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