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Euro 35
Peau d’ane
(Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais), 46x67 cm

Euro 20
Ruy Blas (II)
(Danielle Darrieux, Jean Marais,
dir. Pierre Billon), 36x47 cm

Euro 30
Ruy Blas
(Danielle Darrieux, Jean Marais,
dir. Pierre Billon), 46x67 cm

Euro 250
Typhon sur Nagasaki
 (Danielle Darrieux, Jean Marais,
Kishi Keiko, dir. Yves Champi),
size 46x67 cm

Euro 150
 (Dany Robin, Jean Marais,
dir. Mark Allegret),
size 46x67 cm

Euro 10
Le Gentleman de Cocody
(Jean Marais, dir. Christian Jacque), 46x67 cm

Euro 30
Reluctant Spy, The /
L’Honorable Stanislas, agent secret (1965)/
Onorabilul Stanislas

  (Jean Marais, Genevieve Page, Maurice Teynac, Jean Galland, dir. Jean-Charles Dudrumet), size 46x67 cm

Euro 150
Le Comte de Monte Cristo
 (Jean Marais, Lia Amanda,
dir. Robert Vernay), 46x67 cm

Euro 30
Jaque mate/ Le Paria (1970)/ Paria 
 (Jean Marais, Marie-Jose Nat, dir. Claude Carliez), size 36x47 cm

Euro 25
Call of Destiny, The  (Roberto Benzi, Jean Marais, Jacqueline Porei, Eduard Delmont, Charles Dechamps, Fernard, Sardo, dir. Georges Lacombe), size 46x67 cm

Euro 15
Austerlitz, playbill
  (Rossano Brazzi, Leslie Caron, Claudia Cardinale, Jean Marais, Vittorio de Sica, dir. Abel Gauce), 46x67 cm

Euro 10
Seven Boys and a Girl    (Sidney Chaplin, Jean Marais), 46x67 cm;

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